Winter Season Activities

Fun Things to Do During the Winter Season

Kristian Zoppa Winter Tips

Fun Things to Do During the Winter Season

Just because the temperatures begin to fall doesn’t mean that you can no longer enjoy yourself. While spring, summer and fall are often embraced for their sunny days and comfortably cool to hot temperatures, the winter season can be just as enjoyable.

Yes, colder weather requires more planning if you want to be outside, but you don’t have to wait until spring returns to get back to enjoying your life. There is a wide assortment of fun things that you can do during the winter season.

Whether you choose to stay indoors or venture out into the crisp winter weather, you can make winter just as enjoyable as all the other seasons by incorporating some of the following activities into your life this winter.


Staying Indoors

If you’re like many people, wintertime is not too appealing because of the colder temperatures. Oftentimes people find themselves staying indoors a lot, which can sometimes lead to a feeling of cabin fever. While you may want to go outside, those cold temperatures just stop you in your tracks. The following are ways that you can get over the feelings of cabin fever and boredom by enjoying fun activities in the comfort of your warm home during the winter season.

  • Cook or bake.
  • Enjoy a movie or game night.
  • Snuggle up with a loved one in front of a roaring fire (if you don’t have a fireplace, you can always use a virtual fireplace on your TV for a similar effect).
  • Indulge in some arts and crafts such as painting, drawing, knitting, etc.
  • Drink a warm beverage while watching the snow fall from inside your warm home.
  • Make some snow ice cream.
  • Have a dance party by making a playlist of your favorite songs.
  • Take a trip down memory lane by looking at old photos


Braving the Outdoors

For those of you that enjoy winter weather, there is an assortment of activities that you can do outside. If you are going to enjoy winter weather, make sure you are properly dressed so that your fun times are not interrupted by frost-bitten fingers and toes. Some ways to enjoy the winter weather include:

  • Offer snow removal services -You will get a chance to get outside, help people and line your pockets with some cash!
  • Go ice skating alone or with family and friends.
  • Create a winter bonfire in your backyard and enjoy some delicious s’mores.
  • Go skiing.
  • Have a snowball fight or build a snow fort.
  • Enjoy a weekend away at a cabin.
  • Bundle up and go to a football game.
  • Experience the warmth of an outdoor hot tub under the cool winter air.


Even though it’s cold, wintertime can be just as fun as any other season. Make the most of the winter season by either finding something fun to do from the warmth and comfort of the indoors or by embracing the lower temperatures and snow of the winter season while outside. There is no need to experience the “winter blues” when there are a variety of fun things to do both inside and out.

Cleanr Snow Consumer Choice Award Winners

Consumer Choice Award Winners!

Kristian Zoppa Snow Removal

Thank you! Recently, we were selected as the Consumer Choice Award winner in the category of snow removal for all of Winnipeg. Obviously, this is a big accomplishment and we are very proud of it, but it would not be possible without YOU!

Amazing customers and community members like you are the reason we were selected as the winner and I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you. Thank you for trusting us to take care of your property over the cold winter months and thank you for knowing that we will be there for you when it matters.

Winning the Consumer Choice Award is a great honor and we do not take it lightly. We are committed to continuing the pursuit of business excellence and to providing the greatest residential snow removal service possible here in Winnipeg! With a growing team of exceptional people, more and more trucks, and more and more equipment, we are always looking to innovate and improve on how things are done here in Winnipeg.

Bringing technology to an otherwise simple industry has allowed us to push the boundaries and grow at a rapid pace. We intend to continue on this growth, all while improving the experience for YOU, the consumer, the entire time.

Thank you again for being so amazing and I look forward to shovelling your driveway in the future.



Kristian Zoppa

Owner, Cleanr Snow

(204) 960-0246

Prepare for Snowfall in Winnipeg

How to Prepare Your Yard, Driveways and Sidewalks for Snowfall

Kristian Zoppa Snow Removal

How to Prepare Your Yard, Driveways and Sidewalks for Snowfall

Like most other things in life, winter comes with its good and bad side. The snowfall is magical – but then you gotta shovel it.

When winter kicks in, especially during holidays, you get to spend fun times throwing snowballs and sliding on the snow. In addition, winter is quickly followed by spring, a time when everything around us sprouts into life, and with it comes a feeling of joy and relief.

The winter season however, is a terrible (but necessary) season for your yard, home and everything around it. Your driveway and sidewalks get logged with snow, quickly becoming a pain in the buttocks. And without a Winnipeg snow removal service, you’re on your own.

Imagine waking up from a night of heavy snowfall that leaves your yard and paved ways looking like they have been raided by Martians who covered them by a thick coat of ice and snow. If you have experienced this, you know how frustrating and tiring it can be, scrapping away all the snow.

So, is there any way to prevent this, and is it possible to prepare your property from an inevitable snowfall? Well, there are some few things you can do to make sure your yard and paved ways are not severely affected by a snowfall. I will take you through some of them and leave you to decide which are most suitable for you.

The Lawn

Although winter is a normal process, it poses some danger to your lawn. Your lawn is susceptible to snow mold that can cause serious damage. It is characterized by pink patches that may be circular. To help prepare your lawn, you could ensure you have your lawn mowed to the correct length before snow sets in as well as de-thatching it.

In addition, you should ensure you do apply correct quantities of the right fertilizer to the turf. This is a common practice by most lawn owners in preparation for spring. A common mistake many people make is applying too much fertilizer. This is detrimental to your lawn as it can cause burning of the grass.

The Driveway

People have had major problems with their driveways during winter, finding huge cracks as well as icy driveways. To prevent this from happening to you, make sure you check for any cracks on your driveway before winter, and make sure they are repaired.

Once winter comes, these cracks get filled with ice that expands, causing the cracks to grow. Be sure to also check the drainage of your driveway. Once water collects, it will inevitably freeze creating an icy driveway an SUV can easily slide over.

The Sidewalk

Having snow piled up on your lawn is not only dangerous, but it could get you in trouble with the authorities. The best way to handle snowfall on your sidewalk is to be adequately prepared to get rid of any snow once it comes. Make sure you stock up on any necessary tools and ice melt. Or choose a reliable snow removal company in Winnipeg. In this way, you will be able to get rid of any snow as soon as it shows up.