How Often Do We Shovel During The Winter?

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How Often Do We Shovel During The Winter?

The quick answer: as often as it needs to be done! Since Cleanr Snow is 100% focused on residential snow removal in Winnipeg, we offer the same options to all of our customers. We have a standard 1” trigger depth accompanied with unlimited visits when you sign up for a monthly service plan. All of our plans are for the full season (November 1st – March 31st) and are paid on a monthly basis. Choosing us for your snow removal is sort of like purchasing snow insurance. You will not get charged extra if we have to shovel every single day in one month nor will you be refunded if we only go out once in a month. The price is based on averages that we have observed since we began clearing snow.

Snow like this averages out the less snowy months.

Now to the numbers: on average we will visit each homeowners property five times per month. Of course this is an average. To use real numbers, in November of 2016 we cleared twice whereas in December of 2016 we cleared six times (and ended up clearing 152% of the annual snowfall amount in just one month!) In November of 2016, we spent between 4-9 minutes to clear each driveway during each snowfall. In December of 2016, we spent between 13-35 minutes to clear each driveway. As you can see, the amount of snow obviously plays a huge factor into the amount of time we spend clearing properties. Even though we had a relatively light November, December completely flipped the average on its head.

In conclusion, we will visit your home as many times as it takes to keep your property looking great! As long as the 1” trigger depth is met, we will be out shovelling and always aim to have all properties cleared in six hours or less (usually even quicker)! To read more about how we handled the biggest snow storm in the past 11 years – click here.

How Do We Handle An 11 Year Storm?

Kristian Zoppa Snow Removal

How Do We Handle A Storm SO BIG That It Only Happens Once Every 11 Years?

Do You Worry Your Snow Guy Won’t Show Up During A Storm? – Let Us Show You EXACTLY How We Handle A Storm!

Last week (the week of December 5th, 2016) we endured a once in eleven years sized storm. With nearly 10” of fresh snowfall and 60km/h winds for most of the storm, we saw snow drifts get as large as four feet high! You may be thinking to yourself, how exactly does Cleanr Snow handle a storm like that? Keep on reading for a play-by-play of exactly how we handled that storm with ease!

On Sunday, December 4th 2016, we began preperations for the storm. That day we saw 0.75” of fresh snowfall. As you know, our trigger depth (the depth we clear properties at) is 1”, so Sunday we did not techincally have to clear. BUT WE DID ANYWAYS. This was to give the newer equipment operators more preperation and familiarity with the equipment as well as the homes they would be servicing. We went out with more staff than necessary just to make sure everyone would be prepared for the major snow coming that Tuesday. On Sunday, we began clearing at 12:08PM and finished our route in 5 hours and 39 minutes at 5:47PM. This is generally longer than we would take on a 0.75” snow fall, but we wanted to make sure that everyone was properly trained on all properties, so there would be no hiccups throughout the storm.

On Monday, December 5th 2016, I looked out of my truck on my way back from doing checkups on all the equipment and thought to myself “this is the last time we’ll see grass until the Spring”. And boy, was I right!

A back lane garage approach that had snow drifts nearly two feet tall.

On Tuesday, December 6th 2016, the storm began. We saw about 6” of fresh snowfall Tuesday, starting at about midnight Tuesday morning. This coupled with 60km/h winds resulted in drifts up to four feet tall at many properties! Looking at the forecast, the snow and wind was set to keep coming, and coming hard, for the next 24 hours, so we enacted the snow storm policy:

“6. Snow Storm Policy: When snowfalls of more than 15.24cm (6”) are forecast, a “quick service” will be done. A quick service of DRIVEWAYS AND ONE WALKWAY TO DOOR will be done while snow is still falling in an attempt to allow customers to still pass through their driveway. Once the snowfall ceases, full service of driveway and steps/walkway will be done.”Cleanr Snow Service Agreement

With this in mind, we sent out our notification email letting all of our clients know this and then began clearing at 11:19AM. At 2:06PM, after making sure that the guys were doing a great job, we split into two trucks to conquer at a better pace. We had two crew members in one truck and three crew members in the other truck. We continued on clearing all properties until 6:52PM when we finished the very last property on the list. This meant that we cleared all properties in 7 hours and 33 minutes. Not too shabby considering we had to contend with four foot drifts on multiple properties that took over 25 minutes to tackle with three people!

Both trucks loaded up and ready to go Wednesday morning.

On Wednesday, December 7th 2016, we did it all over again. Another 3-4” of fresh snowfall had accumulated, but due to the 60km/h winds, it seemed as if we hadn’t even cleared the day before. We were once again contending with drifts that averaged a foot or two tall on every property, with the odd property having massive four foot drifts. We lifted the snow storm policy and began clearing all walkways and entrances to homes. We started two trucks at the same time on this day and had two crew members in each truck. We began clearing at 10:12AM and ended up finishing at 7:30PM. This means that we cleared all properties in 9 hours and 13 minutes. That included all walkways and entrance ways to the home and garage. Wednesday was a longer day as the main walks that were cleared on Tuesday were about the same depth as Tuesday, but the second entrance ways added a significant amount of time.

After clearing the property Tuesday evening.

On Thursday, December 8th 2016, we went out to touch up all properties even though no fresh snowfall had occurred. We went out as a three man crew in one truck and tackled homes all day. A combination of being tired from the previous two days and having to make sure everything was edge to edge led to a surprisingly long day. We began clearing at 10:48AM and ended clearing at 6:50PM. This was an 8 hour and 2 minute day that made sure all properties were cleared edge to edge and were presentable.

A plow had made a pile behind a customers gate. Yes, we had to dig it out!

Maintaining a schedule like this during a storm does not happen by luck or by chance, but rather by hours upon hours of planning, training, and dedication to providing a high level of service for all of our customers. After the storm had subsided and everyone was taken care of, I had the opportunity to speak with quite a few other snow removal company owners within Winnipeg, and what I heard shocked and appalled me. Many residential focused companies did not visit any of their clients at all on Tuesday and only went one time in total and that was Wednesday. I heard that there were companies that did not begin clearing until Friday, meaning that their clients could not leave their homes for four days. I take a great deal of pride in knowing that we provided a level of service that is completely unmatched by any other company in Winnipeg and I look forward to only improving our systems and the way we tackle major storms.

If you are not yet a Cleanr Snow client, or if your snow removal guy left you stranded during a recent storm – give us a call at (204) 960-0246 or easily book online and you will rest easy knowing you are in great hands!


Kristian Zoppa

Winter 2015/16

Kristian Zoppa Snow Removal

Winter 2015/16

Stats & Stories

It was our inaugural year here at Cleanr Snow and we would like to think that things went off without a hitch! We serviced 45+ customers, had 30+ customers on monthly contracts, received 12 five-star reviews on Facebook, 1 five-star review on G+, and had 0 damage claims! All in all, it was a great start for us and we hope you enjoyed our service! Please take the 94 seconds (yes, I timed it) to read this blog! Hopefully, you find these stats as interesting as we do!

November began slow and managed to stay warm and snow-less until after the 15th. We cleared three times in November and all of the snow falls were relatively small. We averaged a response time of 34 minutes after a snow fall with an average clearing time of under 4 hours!

December picked up with six snow falls in excess of an inch or more! The average response time from the end of the snow fall to the beginning of clearing was 36 minutes . We cleared all properties, on average, in just 4 hours and 54 minutes!

January saw five snow falls in total, four of which happened within a one week time frame (January 20th, 23rd, 25th, & 27th). We were out clearing within 46 minutes of a snow fall ending, and on average we cleared all properties within 4 hours and 57 minutes!

In February we ended up clearing seven times! That is well above the five/month average that we tend to see, but to be fair, some of the snowfalls were rather small this past February. Our response time maintained at right around 36 minutes after snow fall ceased. We managed to clear all properties in the exact same amount of time, on average, as January – 4 hours and 57 minutes!

March was another slower month with only 3 snow falls that hit an inch or more. Our response rate was a little bit faster this month at 27 minutes and our clearing time averaged exactly 5 hours per snow fall.


That is how long it took us, on average over the season, to clear every property from start to finish! I bet if you looked long and hard, you would be extremely hard pressed to find a company that matches us in response times, clearance times, and service quality! We put our all into making sure we do a great job for you, because for us, its about helping as many people as possible because people need the work done and can not do it themselves.

It is about helping as many people as possible because people need the work done and can not do it themselves!

Feel free to get in contact with us about snow removal services or to book lawn care services visit us over at Cleanr Mow!