Snow Blowing Winnipeg

Snow Plowing vs Snow Blowing – Which Is Better?

Kristian Zoppa Snow Removal

Snow plowing and snow blowing offer the same end result – the snow is moved from one location to another, but with some major, key differences. Snow Plowing Plowing snow really only has one main benefit versus snow blowing. It’s not a benefit that the end consumer will see much added value from. I’m talking about speed. In some circumstances, plowing …

Cleanr Snow Consumer Choice Award Winners

Consumer Choice Award Winners!

Kristian Zoppa Snow Removal

Thank you! Recently, we were selected as the Consumer Choice Award winner in the category of snow removal for all of Winnipeg. Obviously, this is a big accomplishment and we are very proud of it, but it would not be possible without YOU! Amazing customers and community members like you are the reason we were selected as the winner and …

Prepare for Snowfall in Winnipeg

How to Prepare Your Yard, Driveways and Sidewalks for Snowfall

Kristian Zoppa Snow Removal

How to Prepare Your Yard, Driveways and Sidewalks for Snowfall Like most other things in life, winter comes with its good and bad side. The snowfall is magical – but then you gotta shovel it. When winter kicks in, especially during holidays, you get to spend fun times throwing snowballs and sliding on the snow. In addition, winter is quickly …